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What to do about Corrosion?

If you work with steel, then there is a really good chance you work with corrosion. Corrosion is a naturally occurring process that eventually results in the destruction of all steel assets unless they are properly cared for. It's a big challenge for many industries, particularly oil, gas, mining, and marine industries that rely on steel for much of their infrastructure. It's a bigger deal than simply replacing some metal parts once in a while; corrosion can actually cost companies a whole lot of money. In fact, NACE International reports that that corrosion costs are equal to 3.1% of a country's GDP. The GDP of the United States was $18.57 trillion in 2016, which means corrosion is costing United States businesses more than $500 billion. Some estimates put the cost as high as a trillion dollars a year.

That's a whole lot of money being wasted on something that's largely preventable. Enviropeel is an industrial coating that's ideal for use as a flange seal, bearing seal, or to protect entire assemblies from the elements - even if they are already corroded. In order to understand how Enviropeel works, you need to understand how steel corrodes in the first place.

Corrosion 101 - What causes Corrosion?

Metal starts to corrode due to chemical reactions occurring between the steel substrate and the environment around it. How it corrodes and how quickly it starts to deteriorate are going to depend on what kind of steel it is and what environmental factors are affecting it. All steel substrates are susceptible to corrosion, even those containing stainless steel, but some substrates can withstand a lot more abuse before they start to deteriorate.

What is the biggest cause of corrosion?

Hands down, it's a marine environment. Salt, water and oxygen are steel's biggest enemy when it comes to corrosion. Wherever they come together rust is created. Rust is what happens when steel components are exposed to oxygen and water. It's an electrochemical process and once it starts, it's tough to stop unless you change some of the environmental factors in order to stop the reaction from occurring. Rust is also accelerated by other environmental factors, crevices and mixed types of steel can often see components deteriorating within weeks of exposure

Why Preventing Corrosion Matters

It's the costs that count when it comes to corrosion. Here are some of the costs a company can face when dealing with corrosion:

  • Reduced productivity. Equipment may not work as efficiently when some of the parts are corroded.

  • More downtime. Corroded assets are going to eventually fail, and when they do, it's probably going to mean that operations come to a halt whether for safety or production reasons.

  • Replacement costs. All of that corroded steel is going to have to be replaced. If the environment stays the same, those replacement components will only last a short while before they, too, are corroded and in need of replacement.

  • Replacement labor. Companies have to pay experienced technicians to replace the corroded metal equipment, and those labor costs can add up quickly.

The more corrosion a company faces on their equipment, the greater the costs are going to be on their bottom line.

How to Prevent Corrosion

The high costs of corrosion means that companies are desperate to find ways to prevent corrosion to their equipment. The best way to prevent rust is to break the cycle of corrosion by shielding the substrate from its environment, particularly salt water. Unfortunately, there are a lot of industries that work in marine environments or rely on water to get the job done. They might use water to drill or flush out their working environment, cool down equipment, or their equipment might literally be floating in it.

This is Where Enviropeel Comes In

When you have to keep water out without eliminating water from your working environment, you are going to have to find an industrial coating or sealant that can completely encase the metal equipment without inhibiting its ability to function. And that's what we've done with Enviropeel. It's more than a flange seal; it's an industrial sealant that can completely encapsulate steel equipment with a flexible, durable coating that keeps moisture out. In fact, even if your equipment is already starting to show signs of rust, Enviropeel can put a stop to the deterioration and help the metal maintain its structural integrity for potentially decades to come. The material goes on in a liquid state, allowing it to penetrate all the corners and crevices of your equipment to create an impenetrable flexible coating that keeps moisture out for good.

Ready to Put a Stop to Corrosion?

Is your company struggling with corrosion? Don't let the deterioration of your infrastructure and equipment cost your company money. When you invest in Enviropeel treatments for your assets, you'll be getting a huge return on your investment that can pay off for years to come. If you'd like to learn more about our system and how it may be able to put a stop to the deterioration happening on your job site, get in touch with our team. We'd love to answer your questions and tell you more about all of the great benefits of our product. Simple give us a call or contact us through our website and we'll get you the information that you need.

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