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Corrosion and ingress protection

The five areas on the homepage that we have chosen to highlight Enviropeel’s corrosion fighting powers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Enviropeel is so adaptable that, wherever there is machinery, steel infrastructure or components that suffer from contamination ingress or corrosion affecting the safety or integrity of a structure, Enviropeel is sure to be a solution. Enviropeel only requires minimal surface preparation and can be applied on existing corrosion as well as new substrates for immediate protection and long-term cost savings.

Conveyor bearings, failing bolts on crane gantries, galvanic corrosion in bridge bearings, jetties, riser clamps, electrical switch boxes, deck fittings ... the list of applications grows every day.


If you have an issue with corrosion or failure from wear and tear in rotating equipment that is not responding to traditional remedies, consider Enviropeel. The results can be amazing and our engineers are used to finding new solutions to some very old problems, give us a call or look through our case histories to see how others have benefitted from Enviropeel.

Failure rates reduced to zero ... service lifetimes increased by over 500%  ... reduced accident rates 

Easy to apply on minimum surface prep for a lifetime of protection.



Click on an image to show one of three videos:

One: the basic process in three simple slides

Two: an Enviropeel application on a small bearing using the MA10

Three: Enviropeel in the offshore industry

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