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Case Histories

Understanding Enviropeel

An introduction to the Enviropeel system: application, testing and equipment

Power Supply Infrastructure

Switchgear and other vital assets need protection from ingress and corrosion

Limestone Mining in the US

Great savings of time, equipment and money from Enviropeel ingress protection

Mining in Australia

The remarkable development of Enviropeel as a cost-saving tool for the Australian mining industry

US Coast Guard

A brief background and case history for Enviropeel in the US Coast Guard

Dubai Dry Docks

Valves and flanges exposed to a warm, wet marine environment needed Enviropeel

Enviropeel Offshore

A typical platform has thousands of flanges and structural integrity is vital to safety and production

Enviropeel in the North Sea

7000 flanges in 10 weeks, a study of a North Sea application project

Ingress Protection

Deluge testing of an Enviropeel application proves its incredible effectiveness

Ageing Infrastructure test

Long-term testing leads to Shell accreditation of Enviropeel for maintenance coating

Mothballing and Storage

When parts or components are stored, they are even more vulnerable to corrosion

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