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Enviropeel testing

Because this blog is a recent addition to the Enviropeel website, the first articles contain some material previously published on other websites in the Enviropeel family. One of the purposes of a blog is to keep readers informed about the background to our work and projects and, in this case, how we ensure Enviropeel will live up to all the claims we make for it.

Although we get great feedback from our users, as a manufacturer, the only way we can really be sure how our products perform is to test it ourselves. Sometimes we bring the test data together to tell our story at technical conferences and, when we do, we also like to share it with our customers. This blog is an opportunity to share information on aspects of our product testing with answers to many of the questions we are asked about Enviropeel. Follow this link to read the paper 'Testing Enviropeel'.

The picture is an illustration from the paper of some outstanding hot salt fog tests. The photo shows the contrast between bolts protected with Enviropeel - and those which are not - after nearly a year of hot salt fog testing. Following this 7,500 hour photo, the test went on for more than 10,000 hours with not deterioration of the Enviropeel-protected substrate.

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