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... travelling at 264,000 BPH

That's bagels per hour - and if you think that's a lot of bagels, it's only one of several production lines in a single factory - a factory that uses eight railroad cars of flour every day!

One thing you know about flour, it gets everywhere. So it probably won't surprise you to learn that it gets into the production machinery too. And mixing flour with moving parts means trouble. So much trouble, in fact, that the bearings working on the flour sifter failed regularly from the effects of the incredibly dusty environment.

If this sounds familiar ... you're right. Enviropeel has saved bearings from sand, salt, coal dust and bull dust ... now it is working its magic on flour dust.

The bearings in the photograph on the left are just two of those that were protected using Enviropeel. The material was applied to prevent ingress of contamination into the bearing's moving parts; by applying it around the housing and down on to the rotating shaft it guarantees a long life for the bearings and makes sure those bagels keeping on coming.

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