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The ability to provide energy without the use of increasingly scarce resources and the reduction of stress on our environment, means that energy production through renewables could play a vital role in preserving our way of life into the future. But the nature of renewable energy systems and their exposure to extreme levels of solar, wind and wave power means that this infrastructure faces some of the most difficult environmental conditions.

Enviropeel is ideally suited to provide protection in isolated environments where constant maintenance may be hard to achieve. Its ability to provide passive protection through an impermeable perfectly-fitting plastic barrier, coupled with the active protection of corrosion-inhibiting oils gives it incredible protective powers.

On wind turbine towers, for example, huge bolts are set in concrete to hold the enormous turbine towers in place and these bolts must maintain their strength … but they sit on the ground, water streaming from the tower and pooling at the base. Enviropeel ensures that the bolts maintain full function, resisting corrosion and retaining their ability to be retensioned as the towers flex in the wind.

And, of course, Enviropeel is environmentally friendly too - non-toxic, recyclable and reusable.

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