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Power generation, oil, coal, gas and water are all key elements for the home and the workplace. Enviropeel plays a vital role across the world in protecting and maintaining these key components of our modern lives. Pipelines, power lines and generating infrastructure are all exposed to the elements and must be protected to ensure continuity of supply and for the protection of the environment from contamination.

In the USA alone, there are approximately 350,000 miles of pipeline. Corrosion is the single largest contributing factor of accidents and failures on American pipelines, with an estimated cost of more than $7 billion every year. Enviropeel is outstandingly effective at reducing corrosion on pipeline joints and controls, see FLANGES & VALVES for additional information.

For power generation and electrical transport systems it is not only important to protect infrastructure and control systems from failure through corrosion, but ozone-destroying gases contained in crucial high voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) must be contained to prevent escape to the environment. Enviropeel is uniquely effective in preventing gas leaks from GIS systems.

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Corrosion Coatings Systems is the exclusive distributor for Enviropeel products in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. We provide high performance anti-corrosion products with unique solutions for problems with infrastructure in the marine, offshore, refining and utility industries.

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