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Flanges & Valves

Flanges and valves are complex assemblies with a far greater risk of corrosion than the pipes to which they are attached. Any structure constructed with multiple components and secured with bolts has corrosion accelerating properties built in: connecting surfaces and voids promote crevice corrosion, differing metals bring galvanic corrosion and coating damage during assembly allows corrosion into the system from the start.


In a marine environment, salt water, constant moisture and unstable conditions can lead to bolts corroding in weeks and flanges failing within two years of construction. Offshore or onshore, any structure in such an environment will start to corrode at the flanges and bolts or in the crevices formed by construction, leading to compromises in safety that can only be addressed with constant maintenance or replacement.

Not with Enviropeel!

Enviropeel can protect the entire assembly for less than half the cost of traditional remedies … and you never have to do it again! Flanges and valves across the world are being preserved using Enviropeel, extending the lives of ageing structures and preventing problems in new builds. It may sound like it’s too good to be true but Enviropeel’s tough, impermeable coating has built-in corrosion inhibitors that protect for the lifetime of the system and, because Enviropeel can stop existing corrosion, preparation is minimal but the results are amazing.

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